Team entrants - 2016

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We only needed one name to represent each confirmed team entrant i.e. the person who booked and paid for the team entry.

Each team which took part is represented by one name below:

Saturday 4th June 2016 only.
  Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June 2016.
Mark Shaw
Francois Bourquin
Alexis Arnould


  Limitless Fitness
Tony Flapper Richards
Jack Blows
Tim Edwins
Hamza Mouni
Monty Quaia

Frederic Jagu
Mark Hadsell
J-C Nowers
Barry Wing
Guillaume Esposito
Julia Fodor
James Lewis
Christel Lombard
Michael Wood
Patrick Robiquet

Michael Quaia
Joseph Grimaldi
Marc Mannaerts
Merle Sullivan
Simon Adamsdale
Leckhraj Tupsy
Ulrike Bahri
Leo Matlock
Karloy Sandor Gal
Franck Depreaux

Leonard Griffiths
Carol Jacob
Craig Baker/01.
Craig Baker/02.
Adrian Cowie
David Aitchison
David Morgan
Andy Crane
Caroline Cunliffe
David Tassy

  Paying by cash on the day.
9 teams
Total to date above: 03 teams   Total to date above: 45 teams




The finalists of the doubles were Silvain and Marcel, against Rachid and Fahdi. The Triples was contested between the Claudy Weibel team and Sofiane Lachano's team. 

The only comment that the organisers would like to make is that some games seemed to take an inordinate amount of time resulting in great difficulty in completing the event.

We hope to be back next year but we will need a sponsor who will insist on the final being played by a reasonable time.

Thank you all for coming and hopefully see you next year.



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